1721 cell antennas come on the Rehoboth Boardwalk

Cell antennas could come to the Rehoboth Boardwalk as early as next summer – 2021.

AT&T already has two stealth cellular antennas in Rehoboth Beach – one above the toilet on Delaware Avenue, which is built into a small dome, and the other above one of the four recreational lights that point the city right on the boardwalk in a small one Has hidden can-like box.

Now there is a proposal from Verizon for additional cellular antennas – as we hear from Rehoboth Mayor Stan Mills: “What Verizon is obviously suggesting is much more – I think – overall on the boardwalk. At Rehoboth Beach, aesthetics are very important to us. And our public works manager knows aesthetics matter, and he’s worked with Verizon on the design. “

Mayor Mills says at this point – Verizon’s proposed design is to erect new Boardwalk light poles that look almost identical to the current light poles.

He says the new rods will be about a quarter of an inch in diameter at the top and perhaps an inch larger at the bottom; The ball of frost light above would be exactly the same.

The only real difference, according to Mills, is that the new globes would include an antenna ring just below the base of the light. The mayor says the appearance “offends him a little” because it is so different from the current spheres of light without antennas.

The new antennas are currently in the approval process and are expected to be installed next summer.

Rehoboth officials have also given Verizon conditional approval to install antennas on Baltimore and Wilmington Streets and Philadelphia and Christian Streets.

According to Mills, there are currently five median antennas along Rehoboth Avenue.

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