2023 Ford Ranger to undertake F-150 antenna design in 2021

Just yesterday we reported on some new spy photos of a Ford Ranger prototype from 2023 that were slightly different from the ones we saw before. The camouflaged pickup drove behind a 2021 Ranger Tremor of the current generation, which could be an indication that it is also equipped with the Tremor Off-Road package, albeit with the next-gen version. Separately, we also noticed a very interesting feature on the roof of this 2023 Ford Ranger prototype – its pair of antennas.

The current generation Ford Ranger uses a single antenna located in the rear center section of the roof as we can see in these pictures. It’s a traditional design that’s in the air a few inches from the roof. However, the Ranger prototype 2023 has two “bumps” or box-like elements on the roof, which are also located at the rear and serve as antennas.

This antenna design is identical to that of the brand new 2021 Ford F-150, which replaced the old “shark fin” design of the 13th generation Ford F-150. In this model, the dual antennas serve different purposes, as we reported last summer. One of the antennas contains an embedded modem while the other is used for SiriusXM satellite broadcast reception.

The new antenna design is much more inconspicuous than the outgoing antennas on the Ranger 2020 F-150 or 2021, which off-roaders and those who simply want to park their trucks in a garage will appreciate. They’re also less of a thorn in the side as they’re almost built into the roof, to the point that passers-by may not even notice them.

The new antenna design of the 2023 is one of many changes to Ford’s midsize pickup truck. To date, we’ve spied a number of prototypes, including a left-hand drive Ranger Raptor, which could suggest the model is heading to North America. We also recently took a very close look at the newly renovated interior of the pickup.

The next-generation 2023 Ranger is expected to hit the market in 2022 for the 2023 model year and will continue to run on the Ford T6 platform, which will be shared with the Ford Bronco 2021 – albeit with a few modifications.

We’ll learn more about the 2023 Ranger very soon. So subscribe to the Ford Authority for the latest Ford Ranger news and ongoing coverage of Ford.

2023 Ford Ranger photos

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