26 iPhones are immediately hacked by pointing an antenna at them


During this year’s lockdown, some people enjoyed the extra time researching Netflix movie lists while others were busy creating things.

Ian Beer falls into the latter category. Professional Google security researcher Beer found bugs that allowed him to hack into nearby iPhones by “simply” using Raspberry Pi and $ 100 Worth gear.

Beer shared his exploit in a blog post in which he breaks down how he did his job – what did him good six months work.


It’s scary what such impressive hacking skills can do. Beer stated that he “A proximity worm exploit that allows me to take complete control of any iPhone near me. View all photos, read all emails, copy all private messages and monitor everything that happens there in real time. “

Overall, I think ADWL is really neat and the technologies that build on it can be revolutionary. For example, AirDrop, which uses AWDL, played a role in Hong Kong’s 2019 democracy-friendly protests, where information was shared without fear of censorship.

– Ian Beer (@ i41nbeer) December 1, 2020

All Beer has to do is point his homemade antenna at the iPhones, and he had that information. Its technique sends an exploit over WiFi and requires no user interaction at all. Gone are the days when hacks were sent through shady links.

As long as the phone is within range of someone with such a device, it can be taken over without touch or action. In addition, its exploits were wormable, which means that near the radio proximity, the exploits can spread from one phone to the next without user interaction, as noted ArsTechnica cybersecurity reporter Dan Goodin explained.

In a short video, Beer shows the system’s capabilities during the kidnapping 26 iPhones at once with a single shipment. It’s quite a sight to see how many phones are dying at varying speeds right before your eyes.

Beer also shared a longer video explaining how the broadcast works and how it can spread between iPhones that weren’t originally targeted.

As Beer himself warns in his blog post: “Imagine the feeling of power an attacker with such an ability must feel. If we all put more and more of our souls into these devices, an attacker can hold a treasure trove of information about an unsuspecting person get goal. “

Its creation is a clear reminder of what is possible in the hacking world.

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