4G LTE antenna for IoT

Called FPCB LTE 4G, it can send and receive over 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and satellite frequencies:

  • Peak gain from 698 – 960 MHz 0.37 dBi,> 25% efficiency
  • 1.5 – 1.65 GHz peak gain 1.21 dBi,> 46% efficiency
  • 1.71 – 2.69 GHz peak gain 3.64 dBi,> 38% efficiency

The antenna is a flexible (150 μm thick) 100 x 16 mm antenna with a coaxial cable of ~ 57 cm. The recommended mounting method is double-sided tape – the images above are on 2mm ABS film.

“The antenna can easily be attached to the inside of the device housing,” says the company. “Please note that any metal content can impair the performance of the antenna radiation. If your assessment cannot prevent metal from approaching the antenna body, we will provide the best simulation for your application. “

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