A brand new FM website and antenna for WSEW

The station aims to improve quality and coverage with a dielectric antenna

Four of the six slots are displayed during installation.

From Radio Worlds Who is Buying What Page: WSEW (FM) in Maine will soon operate from a new tower location that includes a six field DCR-H FM dielectric antenna with radome.

It is shown here with four bays during installation.

The site is across the border in Barrington, NH and will be operational early next year.

According to a Dielectric press release, the Christian noncom station is moving from a tower location in Sanford, Maine to improve signal strength and reach more people, including listeners in Manchester, Nashua and Portsmouth.

Ron Malone is President of Licensee Word Radio.

“WSEW’s market penetration was previously limited by its use of a log periodic antenna system solution with linear oblique polarization,” explained Dielectric.

“In addition to the benefits of circular polarization, the six-bay side antenna will have a prime position on the 400-foot tower to maximize coverage. The radiation center is 287 feet above the ground.”

The tower at the new location belongs to Vertical Bridge. Malone was quoted as saying that the project aims to solve problems the station had with multi-path and occasional dropouts.

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