Aaron Boone’s “antenna is excessive” after Zack Britton’s feedback on Domingo German

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After Zack Britton did not neglect his words on alleged domestic violence in Domingo German in 2019, Aaron Boone spoke to reporters about the reliever’s comments on Friday afternoon.

Boone said that Britton’s words on Thursday, saying that you “cannot control who your teammates are,” “put on a little force” [his] Antenna.”

“It’s something I want to look at and pay attention to as best I can because we are obviously dealing with a serious problem and dealing with someone’s life and livelihood. We want to help improve this situation and pay attention to what our group and our players think is important. It is surely something that … We pay close attention to it. “

Boone said he wanted to make sure the situation did not affect German on the hill, adding that he “looked great in his bullpen” and was “physically in good shape and shape”.

“We are all human, and the reality is that it has been a year and a half that he has obviously been through a lot in his life and suffered from a professional point of view. Of course, I’ll be sensitive to how he reacts to things that aren’t as simple as the baseball stuff and try to worry about how that affects him, ”he said.

Boone said he wasn’t ready to force Deutsch to contact the team just yet.

“I don’t think at this point I want to get someone to do that. It has to be something that comes from within and is authentic, ”he said.

Boone didn’t seem to believe Britton had done anything wrong, as the left was just doing his job with reporters.

“I think he honestly answered a direct question,” said the fourth-year manager. “I am sure that there are 1,000 shades of gray in the way boys feel, most certainly when serious situations come off the field. And I am sure it is in our clubhouse. My antenna is operational and we will continue to try to monitor, observe and use it as best we can. “

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