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An MQ-9A Reaper sits on the ramp at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, during the MQ-9’s first flight test with eight Hellfire Missiles.

NASHUA, NH – When commercial and military flight crews fly equipment and pilots in the sky, they want the feeling of security that comes from rigorous testing of systems with trusted equipment. With modern flight crews being urged to do more with fewer crew members on equipment equipped with more technology than ever before, reliable and accurate testing and measurements have become even more important, reports Military & Aerospace Electronics.

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December 4, 2020 – Retired U.S. Air Force Major General Stephen Sargeant, the CEO of Marvin Test Solutions in Irvine, Calif., Says rugged test and measurement equipment is all about readiness, but frankly, that’s key To be successful as a military, it requires extensive and accurate testing of very complex systems that warfighters rely on to cross-target their objectives the first time, and that is very, very important. “

Marvin Test’s Sargeant says ensuring that the ammunition carried aboard today’s military aircraft is sufficiently tested to hit its target, keeps warfighters moving, and is less at risk.

“So you don’t have to go back a second time if things don’t work right. That just increases the likelihood that things won’t go well for those involved, either because or because our people are flying in support of the people who fly over the destination a second or third time because things didn’t work for the first time, “says Sargeant . “So it is very important that we send people into battle with fully tested equipment that is fully operational.”

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