Airspan selects Tallysman timing antennas

About Tallysman, a Calian Group company

Tallysman is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of GNSS, Iridium and Globalstar antennas and accessories. Tallysman, based in Ottawa, Canada, focuses on highly functional, high-performance technologies and solutions. Tallysman is known for its Accutenna® and VeraPhase® technology, as well as its recently launched VeroStar ™ and Helical innovations. These technologies offer antennas with the highest performance (low axial ratios, high multipath signal suppression, dense PCV) in size and weight and at the same time set economical prices. Tallysman antennas are the antennas of choice for a wide variety of applications. More information is available at

About Airspan Networks Inc.

Airspan is a US-based, multi-award winning 4G and 5G end-to-end provider of fully virtualized, cloud-native OpenRAN hardware and software with more than 20 years of experience and over a million cells deployed in the most modern areas are used. Edge tier 1 networks, private networks, and vertical applications around the world. Airspan’s extensive product portfolio with indoor and outdoor, macro and low-energy base stations as well as open vRAN software solutions offers the perfect toolkit for implementing new technologies such as mmWave, Sub-6 GHz, Massive MIMO and open vRAN architectures after O- to use completely. RAN and 3GPP specifications, plus an industry leading portfolio of fixed wireless access and backhaul for PTP and PTMP applications with Wi-Fi 6. For more information, visit

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