Alachua County agrees to pay the GRU thousands and thousands for the general public security radio system

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – The controversy over how much Alachua County GRU should pay for its first responder radio system appears to be clearing.

District officials have voted 4-0 to pay the GRU’s current bill, which requires the district to pay a larger share than its colleagues in the city of Gainesville. And it’s a lot more than the county budgeted for. The county accepted GRUCOM’s projected total cost for fiscal 2021 of $ 2,711,567.

“We’re only being charged that the total cost, minus the City of Gainesville’s contribution to the CCC, which is approximately 1.3 million, is still above what we budgeted for,” said county manager Michele Lieberman. “It’s a lot less than planned, I think it’s around $ 200,000.”

No long-term agreement was reached. This resolution expires on September 30th. Under the terms of the resolution, the City of Gainesville must pass a resolution within 30 days that agrees with the terms in the county agreement.

The original agreement between the district and the GRU ended in September 2020. Since then, negotiations have been held to conclude a new agreement.


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