Amazon is growing a cheap antenna with a capability of 400 Mbit / s by way of satellite tv for pc transmission

Amazon recently reached a milestone with its Internet project Project Kuiper. The multinational announced that it has completed development of a prototype antenna for its low-cost customer terminals.


The current antenna prototype will be able to achieve transmission speeds of up to 400 Mbit / s, but says that this bandwidth will continuously increase in future iterations. From a technical point of view, the antenna uses an old Ka-band phased array, but it is based on a new architecture, as Amazon says. Can deliver the bandwidth mentioned.

At these speeds, Amazon has shown in its tests that the antenna with an aperture can stream 4K quality video via a geostationary satellite roughly 50 times the size of the father from whom the Project Kuiper satellites were once deployed will.

For a bit of background knowledge, Project Kuiper is … well, a project started by Amazon with the goal of providing affordable internet to people who live in underserved and underserved communities. To do this, the company chose to use satellite broadcasting as it would allow them to broadcast the internet connection directly to areas where internet cable installation would otherwise be impossible.

(Source: Amazon)

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