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The German landlord Gerken has introduced a new system for the quick and safe installation of mobile phone antennas from a work platform mounted on a truck.

The GAMS-1 device

The platform-mounted attachment, called GAMS 1 – for Gerken Antenna Mounting System – was developed in cooperation with the manufacturer of lifts Ruthmann and is best suited for use with larger truck-mounted platforms with sufficient platform capacity.

The GAMS-1 can be mounted around the platform

The device was specially developed for antennas weighing up to 100 kg. The height-adjustable boom / davit can be attached to all four corners of the basket so that mounting points can be reached that were not covered by previous systems.
According to the company, changing the mounting point can be done quickly in a few simple steps. The GAMS 1 can also be installed on the platform extension, but with a reduced capacity of 60 kg.
The new system can be bought or rented directly from Gerken. The company installed the first unit on a 48-meter-long Ruthmann T-480.

The device can be mounted on the extended platform

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