Antenna’s ‘Sound Body’ presents a greater different to on-line live shows

Poster for Antenna’s “CON-X-IBITION” project with the title “Sound Frame” [ANTENNA]

The indie music agency Antenna started their “CON-X-IBITION” project entitled “Sound Frame” on Tuesday, a concert and exhibition mashup in which visitors to the Daily Teum exhibition room can enjoy videos recorded by the agency’s artists.

While Covid-19 keeps people at home and away from concert halls and only uses online video concerts to compensate, “Sound Frame” is intended to offer music lovers the opportunity to enjoy video concerts on a big screen and with better sound quality, the experience for both artists and music lovers also improve for listeners.

The exhibition takes place in the basement of the Daily Teum exhibition space near the Gangnam subway station in southern Seoul. Daily Teum is a cultural complex operated by LG U + to introduce younger consumers to its latest services as well as other cultural content.

Until July 11th, the exhibition plays a 40-minute concert with two aerial acts every day, seven times a day. There are six teams – Jung Jae-Hyung, Lucid Fall, Jukjae, Sam Kim, Kwon Jin-ah, and Lee Jin-ah and Yun Seok-cheol. A schedule shows which main act will be played throughout the day, and listeners can choose a time to watch their favorites. The second performance is shown randomly from the five other teams.

In order to offer a unique viewing experience, each musician has been assigned a unique color theme. The video was also recorded using a hand held method to make viewers feel closer to the performers than other online concert videos.

“Now is a time when musicians can’t perform, and that time goes on,” said Antenna. “These are particularly tough times for singer-songwriters whose income comes mostly from performing live. We hope to break new ground in performance with ‘Sound Frame’ – a format that meets today’s needs. ”

Reservations can be made through the Ticket Link website or the Daily Teum app. However, online tickets can only be used through the Daily Teum app. Entry is 30,000 won ($ 27). The first performance starts at 11 a.m. and the last at 8 p.m. There are 30 places available for each time slot. Guests can choose their seats within the venue based on availability.

Earlier this week, Kakao Entertainment announced that it had acquired a portion of Antenna shares for a “strategic investment.” The two companies announced that they want to discover and promote artists from different music genres together. Antenna was founded in 1997 by singer and songwriter Yoo Hee-yeol.


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