Antenova introduces ‘Lutosa’, a strong antenna for small gadgets

Hatfield, UK July 9, 2021: Antenova Ltd, the UK manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and the IoT, has announced a compact, high-performance antenna for the 5G bands worldwide, including band 74 1420-1520 MHz and band 71 617-698 MHz.

Lutosa is a flexible antenna measuring 95 x 15 x 0.15 mm, ideal for smaller designs as it can be bent or folded and inserted into the device. The antenna is linearly polarized and has shown high efficiency in tests.

Antenova developed Lutosa for easy integration into a device; the antenna does not require a ground plane or a suitable network and is simply attached with its own self-adhesive strip.

Credit: Antenova

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