Antop AT-221BV Aero HDTV Indoor Antenna is on the market at HSN

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Access and grab loads of local TV channels and live sports. (Photo: HSN)

Out of cable and missing out on local news and some of your favorite live sporting events? Guess what? You can still access TV channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and PBS – they’re completely free. The catch: you need a digital TV antenna … and you don’t need a pair of those prehistoric “rabbit ears” either.

Well we are here to help. Enter the Antop AT-221BV Aero HDTV indoor antenna, a reliable digital powerhouse that will capture all of the free TV broadcast signals that waft through your home. And it comes with loads of accessories, all priced at $ 47 or $ 108 off (if purchased separately) at HSN – that’s nearly a 70 percent savings!

The bundle also includes a power adapter, a USB cable, a 16-inch coaxial cable, detachable and retractable VHF extension rods, an instruction manual, a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and many subscription services (see below).

And if you don’t want to pay everything at once (why should you?), HSN offers you four “FlexPays” from just $ 12 with no interest. New to HSN? Get an additional $ 20 off using the Promo Code HSN2021 at the checkout – and drop the price to just $ 27. Plus free shipping!

Over-the-air TV channels

The Antop Aero HDTV indoor antenna (available in black, marble, titanium and white) has a great 65-mile range – further than most digital TV antennas – and supports Full HD quality at 1080p. Whether you have an older TV or a newer 4K device, this digital TV antenna gives you the best possible over-the-air picture quality. See it in action in the HSN demonstration video here, and see how many TV channels are available in your area here.

Grab one of these and send (heh) the great offer you just got to all of your friends. (Photo: HSN)

No static charge …

This long-lasting digital TV antenna is now so powerful that it has its own power source; so it can accommodate channels that are so widely scattered. Its range is multidirectional with no “blind spots” that weaken the signal strength. It even blocks unwanted signals so phone and radio waves don’t affect your picture quality either.

The story goes on

More goodies

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about these free subscription services. Get one year of LiveXLive Plus for live streaming concerts (valued at $ 30) and one year of for additional savings and coupons for dining, travel, movie tickets, and other fun activities (valued at $ 20), plus three – Monthly pass to Grokker Fitness for home classes ($ 45 value).

For $ 47 (up from $ 155 if purchased separately), the Antop AT-221BV Aero HDTV indoor antenna even works for multiple TVs – just split the antenna cable with any coaxial cable splitter to get all the cute free programming on every device in your home.

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