Antop AT-420B AT-500SBS Good Bar HDTV and FM tv antenna is out there from QVC

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Access and get loads of local news and live sports. (Photo: QVC)

Out of cable and missing out on local news and some of your favorite live sporting events? Guess what? You can still access television channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and PBS – they’re completely free. The catch? You need an antenna and you don’t need a pair of these prehistoric “rabbit ears” either.

We are here to help. Step inside the Antop AT-420B AT-500SBS Smart Bar HDTV and FM TV Antenna, a powerful and reliable digital antenna that captures all of the free TV channels that are broadcast around your home. And it comes with a range of accessories, all of which are available for sale at retail prices of $ 80 or $ 110 (if purchased separately) from QVC.

The package also includes a power booster, an adapter, three coaxial cables, an FM antenna adapter, a mounting kit and numerous subscription services (see below).

And if even $ 80 is a bit too high for you right now, you can opt for five “Easy Pays” from just $ 16 with QVC without your even being interested in them. Plus, you get free shipping!

New to QVC? Get an additional $ 10 off with the promo code OFFER at checkout. But it’s not just newbies who will be lucky. Second time QVC buyers will also receive a $ 10 discount with the coupon code HI10 at checkout.

Over-the-air TV channels

The Antop Smart Bar (available in black, titanium and white) has a long range of 80 miles – more than most digital TV antennas – and supports Full HD resolutions at 1080p. Regardless of whether you have an older TV or a newer 4K device, this digital TV antenna (which can also be set up in a vertical and horizontal position) offers you the best possible picture quality over the air. See it in action in the QVC demonstration video here, and see how many TV channels are available in your area here.

“The panel antenna I am currently using picked up about 35 channels, all higher-numbered channels,” said one avid five-star reviewer. Then the Antop rocked his world and expanded it: “… On the low setting, the TV scanned 44 channels. Not bad, so I set it to medium and scanned 52 channels. Much better. Then I scanned a maximum of 56. Wow Some of the channels were a bit pixelated so I tried moving around the antenna and found it worked better for me horizontally, so I put it in a horizontal position in the window, you scanned again and got 59 channels. What ?! That’s just amazing! “

The story goes on

Grab one of these and send (heh) everything you just got to all of your friends. (Photo: QVC)

No static at all …

This durable digital TV antenna is so powerful that it has its own power source. So it can pick up channels that are so far away. The range is multidirectional with no “blind spots” that weaken the signal strength. It even blocks unwanted signals so phone and radio waves don’t affect your picture quality either. Speaking of radio waves, the Antop Smart Bar package includes an FM antenna that you can connect to your stereo.

“This is a great antenna, it’s HD digital and the picture quality is really good and bright,” said one satisfied QVC buyer.

More goodies

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about these free subscription services. Get one year of LiveXLive Plus for live streaming concerts (valued at $ 30) and for additional savings and vouchers on dining, travel, movie tickets, and other fun activities (valued at $ 20), plus a three-month pass to yoga International for home courses (valued at $ 40).

Double your savings … and have fun

The Antop AT-420B AT-500SBS Smart Bar HDTV Antenna costs $ 80 (was $ 190 for the bundle) and even works for multiple TVs. Just split the antenna cable with a coaxial cable splitter to get all that cute free television on every device in your home.

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