Apple patents reveal 5G millimeter wave antennas for the Apple Watch, a doable twin iPhone charging pad, and extra

Sometimes there are a number of patents of interest that do not require a full report. Instead of passing them on, this report briefly covers three inventions that might interest some Apple fans. Links to the patents allow those interested in a particular patent to delve deeper if necessary. The first patent relates to 5G millimeter wave antennas that are coming to the Apple Watch. The second patent relates to future power cables that are designed with two different layers of polymeric materials to protect against fraying. And the third patent concerns a possible future dual iPhone charging pad.

20210033714: Electronic devices with millimeter wave range functions

Apple’s iPhone 12 includes a millimeter wave antenna for the US market. A patent today indicates a future Apple Watch with millimeter-wave antennas, as shown in the patent images below.

Apple’s Patent Figure 7 is a perspective view of an illustrative phased array antenna that can be used to perform spatial range operations using millimeter and centimeter wave signals; COWARDLY. 10 is a top-down view of an Apple Watch showing how slot antennas for processing non-millimeter-wave communications and phased antenna arrays for performing spatial ranging operations using millimeter and centimeter-wave signals can be incorporated into an electronic device.

20210035708: Variable stiffness cables

The Apple patent application relates generally to cables such as electrical cables used to transmit power and / or data, and more particularly to a cable with variable stiffness along its length. The patent definitely suggests combining a softer polymer with a stiffer polymer to provide a stronger cable construction. This patent in no way applies to Apple’s new braided cables.

Apple’s Patent Figure 7 shows a simplified cross-sectional view of an assembly of a cable using different levels of polymer stiffness.

20210036553: Inductive power transmission [Dual Charging Pad]

Apple’s patent application discusses improved inductive power transfer, or at least seeks to provide the public with a useful choice. Apple’s patent 2a below shows a DD reel charging pad 200 with two adjacent planar coils 212 and 214.

A second patent for inductive chargers was published today under the number 20210036557 entitled “Thermally Optimized Wireless RX Chargers for Small RX Devices”.

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