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One of the rear antenna options that Astronics hopes will sell well in the BizAv market

Collins Aerospace expects many more in-flight connectivity systems to be installed in business jets. The company has agreed to acquire $ 11 million worth of antenna systems from Astronics to expand the relationship between the two companies.

Improved connectivity has become a must for the business jet market and we strive to use our technologies to provide the best possible connectivity for aircraft.

– Michael Kuehn, Astronics CSC President

The T-311 antenna is a tail mount solution that provides Ku-band satellite connectivity for the business aviation market. Coupled with Collins integration and SES satellite capacity, it enables Internet surfing, video conferencing and streaming entertainment in configured aircraft.

Michael Kuehn, Astronics CSC President, suggests that the deal “confirms the success of Collins Aerospace’s connectivity services and the performance of Astronics’ connectivity hardware.”

In July last year, Peter Gundermann, CEO of Astronics, suggested that the company would “give everything we have for this one”. BizAv antenna program, part of a transition away from other antenna programs in the commercial aviation segment.

In November Gundermann doubled this position and found that the antenna was “very good from a performance point of view”. However, the company was still waiting for a firm commitment from Collins to begin producing the equipment in large quantities.

With this order, Astronics now has a manufacturing volume target.

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