Aura Wi-fi and Wi-Fi NOW work collectively to advertise higher Wi-Fi with superior antenna know-how

From Claus Hetting, CEO and Chairman of Wi-Fi NOW

New and vastly improved Wi-Fi standards promise a paradigm shift in indoor and short-range performance. What is the future for outdoor Wi-Fi? To extend the resounding success of Wi-Fi to outdoor or large indoor areas, new wireless solutions are required. We are excited to partner with the innovators of the Aura Wireless Wi-Fi antenna to promote better Wi-Fi through advanced antenna technology.

New Wi-Fi standards are an advancement in connectivity, but extending great Wi-Fi to the outdoors (or large indoor areas) requires new, innovative wireless solutions. Enter the finalist for the Wi-Fi NOW Award for Best Wi-Fi Startup, Aura Wireless. The Florida-based company is transforming the performance and economics of outdoor Wi-Fi through cloud-based, software-defined, active antenna technology.

Above: Apogee Cloud-managed, software-defined active Wi-Fi antenna platform from Aura Wireless.

“Businesses and service providers today have the opportunity to develop great outdoor WiFi – for communities, school grounds, urban or rural networks, agriculture, utilities, critical infrastructure, mining, resorts, theme parks, and more. We believe we have the antenna solution that makes the difference. We are very excited to partner with Wi-Fi NOW to usher in a new era in outdoor Wi-Fi, ”said Jason Claybrook, vice president of sales and marketing, Aura Wireless.

Aura Wireless says Aura Wireless’ unique Apogee antenna platform reduces the infrastructure and labor costs of deploying outdoor Wi-Fi networks by a factor of seven by increasing coverage, increasing sensitivity, and using more flexible, cloud-managed ones dynamic antenna configurations. You can also find more information about Aura Wireless and Apogee here.

“We are delighted to be working with Aura Wireless to develop the outdoor WLAN enclosure using a highly developed new antenna technology. We believe that Aura’s unique technology will not only make a big difference in classic outdoor Wi-Fi use cases, but will also add great value to public Wi-Fi deployments, for example in emerging markets, ”says Claus Hetting , CEO and Chairman of Wi-Fi NOW.

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