Bartlesville Radio »Information» Bartlesville Police Division is upgrading the radio system in 2021


The Bartlesville Police Department will be upgrading their legacy VHF radio system early in the new year to improve coverage for law enforcement officers locally and across the state.

Police Chief Tracy Roles said this was a much needed solution. The roles said they now have a system that is not sufficient. He said there are so many places in the city of Bartlesville that an officer will speak on his radio and it’s nothing but static.

The same applies to car radios. Static is a problem. According to Chief Roles, radio interference is a major security risk. He said it shouldn’t be a lengthy process to bring the radio system to the 800 MHz system to start in 2021.

Radio communications should be clear and extensive after the upgrade is complete. Chief Roles said they will be able to communicate more clearly with other Washington County authorities as well as the Tulsa Police Department without interference. When the Bartlesville Police Department is in Tulsa County because of police pursuit, looking for a missing person, or committing some other crime, it’s great to know they’ll be able to get on with theirs Communication Center in Bartlesville. He said the upgrades to their radio system in 2021 will do that for them.

In August 2020, voters approved the proposal for a general Bartlesville city bond and a half-cent increase in sales tax for capital improvement projects. Of the $ 30 million approved for the city’s capital improvement projects over the next several years, approximately $ 2 million went towards upgrading the BPD’s radio system.

Chief Roles said he believes almost everyone in the community supports law enforcement and the law enforcement mission. Roles said not everyone agrees with them, and that’s fine, but for the most part, citizens trust and support law enforcement agencies. When citizens vote for bond issues that support public safety, Chief Roles shows that they live in a supportive community that wants public safety to be the best it can be. He said the BPD was very grateful for the voters who voted for the GO Bond in August.

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