Based on stories, Flexium is ready to ship LCP antennas for brand spanking new iPhones in 2H21 on quantity

According to reports, Flexium is set to ship LCP antennas for new iPhones in 2H21 on volume

Jay Liu, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES

Thursday April 29, 2021

Flexium Interconnect, manufacturer of flexible printed circuit boards, will begin shipping LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) antenna boards for new iPhones in the second half of the year, which Indsutry sources say will serve as the biggest growth driver for its sales in 2021.

Flexium announced it has received significant orders for LCP antenna boards, and its new facility at the Ho Fa Industrial Park in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, will be ready for low-volume production by the end of the second quarter and begin mass production in the third quarter . The company noted that in the high season for 2021, deliveries will start at least 1-2 weeks earlier than usual.

Flexium expects the combined sales quotas for MPI (modified polyimide) and LCP antenna boards to increase to 25% in 2021.

The delivery of LCP antennas for new iPhones and MPI offerings for non-handset applications such as MacBook and iPad series will significantly increase sales and profits due to the higher unit prices and gross margins compared to conventional flexible boards.

Flexium reported that first quarter 2021 revenue increased 54.9% year over year to NT $ 7.13 billion (US $ 254.64 million), a new high for the same quarter. Corresponding net income increased 40.6% year over year to NT $ 517 million.

Communication applications contributed 54% to first quarter revenue, compared with 35% for PCs and 11% for other consumer devices.

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