begin an antenna installer (Australia)

As the home entertainment industry continues to boom, more and more people are upgrading their TV and communication systems. This is good news if you are experienced in antenna installation.

If you’ve always wanted to work on your own terms and run your own business, this guide provides information on how to start an antenna installation business.

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What skills or requirements do I need to start an antenna installation company?

You will need some experience installing antennas for a wide variety of households and antenna systems. Have the confidence to talk about antennas, digital upgrades, and audiovisual cabling; The ability to tackle a range of installation challenges will help you start a business.

Climbing roofs can often be necessary for work, so you must be familiar with working at heights.

In addition to technical skills, you also need to understand how to run a small business, from creating a business plan to getting the most out of your marketing.

Which courses or qualifications do I have to complete?

Taking antenna installation training can help you deliver your services efficiently and effectively and give your business credibility.

The Certificate II in telecommunications technology is an entry level qualification that provides training in installing telecommunications equipment, data cabling, and cabling products. The course provides you with all the skills you need to work as a TV and digital TV antenna installer. The average course fee is $ 4,395. However, if you are between 17 and 24 years old, you may be able to take the course for free or at a reduced price at JobTrainer.

Would you like to learn more?

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Choose a business structure

When you first set up, you need to decide on a business structure that suits your goals for your company. Two of the most common small business models in Australia are sole proprietorships and partnerships. Registering as a sole proprietorship is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to get started. On the other hand, through a partnership, you can share responsibility with someone else.

Once you have decided on a structure, you need to register one Australian Business Number (ABN) and decide on a company name. An ABN is required for tax purposes for invoicing. If you want to be a sole trader or a partnership, you can act under your personal name.

However, if you want to operate under a separate company name, it is a good idea to register the name with Australian Commercial Register and you need an ABN to do this.

To ensure that you are on track with your legal requirements, you should seek advice from a legal advisor. Go through the required documents with a lawyer and make sure you comply with them Australian consumer law You will be reassured from the start.

Some of the legal documents you may need include:

  • ON service contract For every assignment, you and your customers are clear about all expectations, obligations and allowances.
  • On employment contract will come in handy when you decide to hire people in your company. It can protect you and your employees in the event that legal problems arise at any time.
  • ON Privacy Policy This option allows you to collect personal information such as customer names, phone numbers, and email addresses on your website. It is an instruction that specifies how to use and store private information.

Since the work associated with antenna installation is often very physical and can involve the risk of personal injury or property damage, it is important to protect yourself and your company Liability insurance.

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Grow your customer base

Some easy ways to get your name out there right away are by setting up social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, printing out some business cards and flyers, and registering your business Google My Business.

It’s a good idea to create a strong logo as this is what people will remember, especially online. Websites like can find designers at competitive prices Fiverr or Upwork Who can create logos for you in two or three days? Once your logo is ready, it can be used on all of your marketing materials including your website and social media.

You can also get the ball rolling before you even have your own website by using online marketplaces to sell your services. Here are some platforms you can use to build your customer base:

  • Airtasker. Easily connect with customers and post offers for job opportunities.
  • Hips. Find high-quality customer contacts with this professional platform for craftsmen.
  • tradiesonline. Add your business to this Australian website and find customers all over Australia.

Find out how much to bill your customers

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of antenna installation, such as: B. Type and difficulty of the assignment, your experience and your journey to and from the destination. In Australia,

According to the online marketplace OneflareAntenna installation experts typically charge anywhere from $ 60 to $ 80 an hour, or $ 150 to $ 500 per job in Australia.

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frequently asked Questions

What kind of customers should I target?

Much of your work will likely be dedicated to households migrating to a new satellite service or looking to improve reception. Focus your advertising on the more populated areas of your city and study the types of people who live in those areas. You can then target your marketing accordingly, whether it’s families, singles, or senior citizens. You might also consider working for landlords or companies and organizations.

What other types of services can I offer?

In addition to antenna installation, you can add additional services to your company such as CCTV installation, data cabling and installation of home theater and projector.

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