Black Diamond initiates recall for PIEPS DSP Avalanche Transceivers

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PIEPS and Black Diamond are issuing an immediate recall for the PIEPS DSP avalanche transceivers in Europe. The brand will also issue a North American recall shortly. Read on for details.

After numerous consumer reports of defective devices, Black Diamond Equipment is brought onto the market a Fast Track Voluntary Product Recall Program for his PIEPS DSP avalanche transceiver.

Black Diamond does not make the PIEPS beacons, but BD is the North American distributor for the European brand PIEPS. “As the NA distributor of PIEPS, BD has officially started discussions with the US Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) about a voluntary product recall of the PIEPS DSP Pro, Sport and Ice-Avy transceivers,” Black Diamond wrote in a press release .

Include the exact model names in recall are the PIEPS DSP Sport, DSP Pro and DSP Pro Ice.

Note: The recall process for the PIEPS DSP beacons in Europe, Central and South America and the Pacific region began today. The US recall process has taken longer as the US CPSC has to approve the voluntary product recall. Black Diamond wants to make sure its customers around the world are aware of the recall.

Faulty PIEPS DSP avalanche transceiver

The brand received numerous reports from users that their PIEPS DSP avalanche transceivers were defective. In particular, the switch that switches on the signal of the transceiver can slip out of the transceiving mode without warning. The problem lies with the slide lock mechanism, which can wear out and slide in and out of transceiving mode.

A professional skier, Nick McNutt, was caught in an avalanche in March 2020 had used a PIEPS DSP beacon. He was buried for about 5 minutes. He and several other skiers who were there spoke out on social media about the transceiver problems.

According to other reports in 2020, more consumers reported online that they were experiencing similar issues. Some reports of the buggy model are from 2017, especially when Corey Lynam was killed in an avalanche near Whistler this year.

As concerns arose, PIEPS issued numerous statementsThese include, “We have concluded that PIEPS beacons are above industry standards.” In October 2020, PIEPS and Black Diamond issued statements offering to replace and improve consumer models free.

Here is the latest statement from PIEPS: “Dear customers, followers and friends, PIEPS announces a voluntary product correction program to improve the product safety of its DSP avalanche transceivers.”

Get information

European consumers can start the recall process today. For those based outside of North America, consumers can submit units for recall by visiting the PIEPS call back the program page here or contact the brand at 1-800-775-5552 or

Since Black Diamond sells PIEPS in North America, it must work through the CPSC and await agency approval. In the meantime, we do not recommend using affected models as yours primary avalanche rescue signal.

We’ll update readers and this story as more information becomes available in the coming weeks.

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