Bodily measurement and non-destructive testing gear from TR TechRentals – Ferret


Physical or non-destructive testing

It differs from TR in the friendly advice from our technical applications team, a comprehensive inventory and nationwide service, as well as flexible solutions such as rental, purchase, service and calibration.

Measuring range and non-destructive equipment from TR

TR’s offer for rent or purchase includes:

Pressure transmitter, humidity transmitter, 1Bar transmitter, 40Bar transmitter, laser distance measurement, measuring wheel, measuring wheel, digital caliper, altimeter caliper, radar gun, laser rangefinder, laser speed gun, rotating laser level, multidirectional laser, stroboscope inspection system, tachometer, pipeline , Video pipe inspection system, inspection camera, endoscope, glass fiber, microscope, video microscope, high-speed digital camera, motion meter, range of motion, pressure vacuum meter, differential pressure transducer, position transducer, concrete tests, inclinometer, force meter, torque wrench, crane scale, density meter, viscometer, materials, vibration analysis, accelerometer, floor vibration logger , Alignment analysis, gloss measurement, gloss meter, brake tester, light transmission meter, ultrasonic flaw detector, layer thickness tester, thickness measuring device, porosity detector, adhesives Sion tester, surface roughness gau ge, moisture meter, concrete test hammer, concrete cover meter, reinforcement finder, hardness tester, load cells.

Applications for measurement and non-destructive devices

TR’s measurement and non-destructive devices have a wide range of applications, including:

Material testing. Distance measurement and surveying, commissioning and maintenance of large industrial plants. Analyze structures and monitor dynamic systems. Distance measurement and surveying. Immediate diagnosis of pipeline damage. Identification of blockages, exact location and cause. Scientific and industrial tests. Determine distance and incline. Mass measurements from milligrams to tons. Pressure testing applications. Applications for testing humidity. Enlargement. Capture high-speed footage and images. Measurement of the condition of the concrete, ie the structural strength, corrosion, position of the reinforcement. Maintenance of large systems and machines. Analyze vehicle performance. Monitoring dynamic systems. Laser rotation shaft alignment. Non-destructive testing.

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