BSNL urges TCS to stick to the 4G tendering requirements and to finish the gadget assessments inside the deadline

The state-owned telecommunications company BSNL has asked IT major Tata Consultancy Services to provide equipment in accordance with its 4G tendering standards and to complete their tests within the extended deadline of December 31.

BSNL plans to launch a tender to procure equipment for 57,000 locations for 4G services. Before submitting an offer for the tender, domestic providers must provide a proof of concept.

While foreign providers have 4G network equipment, India is trying for the first time to use domestically developed 4G technology.

BSNL issued a letter of intent to five domestic telecommunications equipment companies, but with the exception of a consortium of TCS, Center for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) and Tejas Networks, all other eligible bidders, including Tech Mahindra and HFCL, had withdrawn from the project.

However, BSNL wrote to TCS on November 3rd highlighting several shortcomings in the provision of equipment for the Proof of Concept (PoC) of 4G technology by the Indian IT consortium.

The state-owned telecommunications company said while the PoC required antennas with a transmit power of 40 watts under the Expression of Interest (EoI) standards, reports submitted by TCS showed that only 20 watt antennas were shipped and installed on the network.

“The letter from M / s TCS also shows that M / s TCS is developing this RRH (Remote Radio Head) now that the product is not readily available,” the letter says.

BSNL said it had expanded all support for TCS for the timely demonstration of PoC and even offered 31 sites for the test, of which the IT major selected 15 sites.

BSNL said TCS did not deploy the radio access network (RAN) equipment in a single location as per EoI standards.

“It is therefore once again requested that M / S TCS accelerate the use of the PoC equipment in accordance with the conditions of the EoI and offer it to the BSNL test teams for testing together with the pre-test in order to test the PoC within the extended period, ie by December 31, 2021, finish well, “says the letter.

A related email request to TCS did not lead to any response.

However, an official from one of the consortium’s organizations said that 20-watt antennas were initially supplied to start the PoC and the transmit power will be gradually increased.

“The consortium in India is building indigenous technology from scratch. The delivery of 40 watt antennas has now started. The PoC will be demonstrated within the set schedule. Some government approvals are awaited before the consortium is ready for the PoC, ”the official said.

According to the official, this is a groundbreaking project for the country and the consortium wants to ensure that all objectives are met with the utmost efficiency.

BSNL had published a Rs 9,300 billion 4G tender in March for the procurement of telecommunications equipment, but it was later canceled for several reasons, including allegations by Indian companies that the project was not in line with preferential market access regulations and to overseas Company tend.

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