Buffalo County’s Sheriff’s Division receives $ 4.6 million for a brand new native information radio system

Miller had worked with a number of law enforcement, fire and rescue services, and the state of Nebraska to prepare a proposal for a radio replacement for the county board.

The installation of the new system will begin shortly with a planned go-live date in November 2021.

In addition to new radios, the system will have eight towers. Six towers are already in operation, but the county will build a new one in Gibbon, replacing the tower in Ravenna.

Miller said Buffalo County has partnered with the state of Nebraska to provide access to its core system in exchange for coverage.

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“The state lets us use their core or the brain of the radio system. We share the coverage for the core, ”Miller said.

After two years of planning, it was a relief to get the unanimous approval of the commissioners for the radio proposal.

“It will be a year to get there, but now we can get started,” said Miller. “I took a lot of weight off my shoulders today.”

Age aside, the major problems with the current system were due to the inability to communicate with a few other agencies. For example, Dawson County is on VHF, but Buffalo County is UHF, so its radios don’t talk to Dawson County, Miller said.

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