Cannot discover the FOX four along with your antenna? You are able to do that


Viewers in some areas may continue to experience signal issues throughout the month.

We are currently working on replacing the KDFW broadcaster and this work is expected to take most of June.

During the work, KDFW must use a replacement transmitter that is not as powerful due to the performance of the main transmitter (antenna height, etc.). The lower power reduces our field of vision.

Replacing a TV channel is very complicated and worker safety is our top priority.

Because of this, some viewers cannot wirelessly watch KDFW and its sub-channels until the work is completed.

Live news broadcasts from FOX 4 are still available for free at, as is the FOX 4 News app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Viewers with a smart TV or streaming device can also see live news from FOX 4 in the free Tubi app.

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