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The Test and measurement equipment market is expected to reach $ 33 billion by 2025 and is expected to grow 4.05% over the forecast period 2019-2025. The advancing digital transformation in the automotive industry promotes the retrofitting of devices and equipments that have embedded a wide range of test and measurement devices such as electrical testers, digital multimeters, digital oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and environmental testers. Data centers, advanced telecommunications infrastructure, and the automotive industry are some key end-use applications that require advanced measurement equipment to meet modern testing needs. The data centers use various complex electronic devices, and therefore a large number of test and measurement devices are used in this data center to monitor the device condition, signal strength, and data transmission status.

Market segment analysis for tests and measurements – vertical by industry

The market for test and measurement devices is expected to grow rapidly due to the wide range of applications in the automotive sector. The UK had 220,000 plug-in cars at the end of June 2019, according to the next report on eco-friendly cars. This included both hybrids and fully electric vehicles. The increasing acceptance of electric and hybrid vehicles and the increasing demand for autonomous vehicles are likely to accelerate market growth in the forecast period. Most autonomous vehicles use wireless communication standards such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Wi-Fi for their infotainment system and other car accessories. Around 150 million vehicles are expected to be connected via WiFi by 2020, and 60% to 75% of them will be able to consume, create and share web-based data. These modern electronic devices in motor vehicles increase the need for HF test devices (high frequency test devices) considerably

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Market segment analysis for test and measurement – by geography

The Asia-Pacific region is the largest region for the test and measurement market due to its strong production base. Most of the demand from the APAC region is coming from China, India, Taiwan and Japan due to the growth in the electronics and automotive industries. The Chinese Bureau of Statistics estimated consumer goods sales in 2018 to be 9.2% year over year, which amounts to around $ 1,436.8 billion. Similarly, India started producing a wide range of electronic products under major standards within APAC with recent government initiatives such as T&M India 2020. According to the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), India develops approximately 2,000 chips every year. At the initiative of the Make in India campaign, India is expected to invest $ 1.5 billion in the electronics sector over the 2018-2020 period. The expansion of these new facilities should result in rapid growth in test and measurement equipment in the country. The Asia-Pacific region is projected to grow by 5.2% in 2019-2025.
The demand for test and measurement equipment from the APAC region is growing enormously in the telecommunications sector. Countries with dense populations such as India and China contribute to the large market for the telecommunications industry. For example, in India the number of mobile phone subscribers was 91.11 (per 100 population) in 2017, but the number rose to 91.51 in 2018. The number is likely to increase due to the improvement in telecommunications infrastructure in the country. The growing need for communication tests and measuring devices will see significant growth in the test and measurement market due to the increasing communication infrastructure.

Test and measurement market – drivers

Development of the communication infrastructure in connection with the increasing popularity of IoT-based technologies:

Testing and measuring devices, devices and signals is an essential part of the communication network. Therefore, every new development of the communication network will have a positive effect on the market for test and measurement devices. Currently, the communications industry is experiencing several changes due to the development of 5G technology and data centers. In 2019, Bharati Airtel announced that it would invest around 8 billion US dollars in building a 5G infrastructure and expanding 4G by 2022. Similarly, in 2019, Vodafone prepared its plan to invest around $ 3.08 billion in expanding its network over the next 15 years. It has partnered with Ericson to bring 5G-enabled devices to this newly expanded network. These new investments are expected to provide more opportunities for the test and measurement market.

Growing demand from the areas of power management and consumer electronics:

Power sequencing and power supplies are just a few of the major power management applications that are increasing the need for electronic test equipment. Similarly, the increasing design complexity of modern consumer electronics increases the need for precision test equipment. For example, 8-bit oscilloscopes have traditionally been used in power management and consumer electronics applications. With strict design leeway, the engineers are now looking for a high-resolution oscilloscope with analog-to-digital converters (ADC) and a large number of bits. These new applications offer opportunities for advanced test and measurement equipment.

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Test and measurement market – challenges

Design challenge coupled with high costs

As electronic equipment advances, systems are moving towards a complex structure that also requires advanced test and measurement equipment. This leads to the development of multifunctional testing and measuring devices. Manufacturers face both design and cost challenges to meet the emerging needs of end users. According to major electronic instrument manufacturers, the cost of a modern network analyzer has increased by 15 to 20% due to the use of advanced and expensive components.

Market landscape

Major players in the test and measurement market include Bureau Veritas, Danaher, Keysight, SGS, Thermo Fisher, Texas Instruments Incorporated, XSENSOR Technology, and others. Therefore, major vendors look forward to consolidating this market through mergers and acquisitions. While expertise and economies of scale are the main strengths for large vendors, small vendors will optimize the supply chain to reduce operating costs.

Partnerships / mergers / acquisitions

In February 2019, Electro Rent Europe and Microlease announced a merger with Electro Rent Corporation. This merger makes Electro Rent the largest independent provider of test and measurement device solutions in Europe.

In December 2018, Anritsu Company partnered with PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Inc. to conduct Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing of 5G devices using Anritsu’s MT8000A communication test system. This communication system is used in laboratories to emulate a 5G New Radio (NR) wireless access network and provide advanced 5G NR technology to cellular operators and device manufacturers.

R&D, investment / finance

In 2019, Liquid Instruments announced that it would raise $ 8.16 million to expand its product line for research, education, and industrial measurement markets in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Scope of market research for test and measurement:

The base year of the study is 2018 with a forecast to 2025. The study contains a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, taking into account the market shares of the leading companies. It also contains information about shipments. These provide the key market participants with the necessary business intelligence and help them understand the future of the test and measurement market. The assessment includes the forecast, an overview of the competitive structure, the market shares of the competitors as well as the market trends, market requirements, market drivers, market challenges and product analyzes. The market drivers and restraints were assessed to determine their impact over the forecast period. This report details the key growth opportunities and highlights the key challenges and potential threats. The main focus is on the types of test and measurement markets and their specific applications in consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and security and surveillance.

The central theses

Modern electronic devices in motor vehicles increase the need for HF test devices (high frequency test devices) considerably.

APAC holds the largest market share due to high demand from the telecommunications and automotive industries.

The changing landscape of the communication infrastructure and the digital transformation in various industries is stimulating the market for test and measurement devices.

The test and measurement market is fragmented, but large vendors look forward to consolidating the market through mergers and acquisitions.

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