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Triad RF Systems recently expanded its family of high-performance, commercial-grade COTS broadband amplifiers. In response to the need for better activated Counter-UAS (CUAS) systems, Triad RF has brought the latest in a range of broadband, lightweight and compact power amplifiers. Weighing just 16 ounces, measuring less than 4 inches square and less than 1 inch high, the TA1264 model operates over the wide frequency range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz while offering high power density and optimal linearity and efficiency. It is housed in a robust housing and designed for operation under harsh environmental conditions. It is ideal for critical electronic warfare systems applications, from simple CW / FM signals to highly modulated carriers such as 64 and 256 QAM for software defined radios (SDRs) as well as general RF / microwave amplification.

Triad RF’s family of high power broadband amplifiers are available with internal DC / DC converter sections with wide input range (12-28 VDC) that simplify system design by eliminating the need for external DC converters to power the amplifier. A higher overall efficiency is achieved because the internal converter is designed and adapted for a peak efficiency in the operating current range of the amplifier.

These RF / microwave amplifiers also offer advanced built-in PA monitoring and control sections controlled by microprocessor, FPGA, CPLD or a combination of these devices. The functions include temperature output, direct current monitoring at device level and power control over various frequencies.

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