County Board Hears Presentation on $ 10 Million 911 Transport and Radio System | Group

“It’s not about whether we need it, it’s about how we have to pay for it,” said Stukenholtz before the meeting.

In other matters, the district authority approved the deletion of Article III, paragraph 3, paragraph G from the rules governing the subdivision of Saunders district, which explains whether, if an application is submitted by the commission, the applicant can go to the next district authority meeting to request a public hearing in front of their government agency.

“If the planning committee postpones the measure and the applicant wishes an immediate hearing before the district authority, the applicant has the privilege to appear at his next regular meeting before the district authority and request that a hearing be set.”

This ordinance contradicts Nebraska State Statute 23-114.01 (2), which states that the county board is unable to “hold its public meetings or take action regarding … the development of subdivisions … until it receives recommendations from the commission Has . ”

The Planning Commission made the recommendation to remove this ordinance on January 4th and has been waiting for approval since the county board filed it on February 2nd.

“We’ve been filing this for a while,” said District Attorney Joe Dobesh.

The contradiction became apparent after Whispering Ridge Estates attorney Jovan Lausterer of the Bromm, Lindahl, Freeman-Caddy, and Lausterer law firms filed a request with the county board on December 8 for a public hearing regarding the final plaintiff for the office controversial subdivision outside of Leshara. During a December 7 meeting, the subdivision was denied approval by the Saunders County Planning Commission.

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