Cut up Resolution: New TV Antenna Captures NFL Wild Card Video games (LA PARKER COLUMN) | opinion

It is not a winter of dissatisfaction as my daughter suggested buying a television antenna.

Receive about 20 channels. It’s mostly old shows including Charlie’s Angels, game shows like Press Your Luck, Concentration, and Password, and local news shows.

Schitt’s Creek reruns make much-needed laughs as COVID-19 returns again.

Plus, professional football has returned after a ten-year hiatus in cable television service.

The antenna has rabbit ears that occasionally need to be readjusted or moved to the bookcase or coffee table. Or try there.

These antenna maneuvers were reminiscent of the old days of television, when antennas wrapped in aluminum foil were moved around the living room. Musical antenna with no melodies or chairs.

So a $ 25 antenna draws wavelengths for five out of six NFL Wild Card Weekend games.

On Saturday, expect Buffalo (CBS) to win Indianapolis as Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen throws against Stefon Diggs, the recipient of Minnesota Vikings.

Seattle stops Rams (FOX) while Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson does more with less.

Eventually Tampa scores a narrow win against my daughter’s Washington Football team on NBC.

ESPN will have the great showdown between them on Sunday

Tennessee and Baltimore. This must-see game won’t be in my living room.

The Titans ameliorate last year’s disappointing Kansas City loss at the AFC Conference Championship. Ravens want a repayment for the 28-12 Titans beatdown last year in the AFC conference semifinals. Plus, the Titans have a 30:24 win in extra time this season.

Quoth the Ravens – Never again. Baltimore by 3 points in an exchange of blows.

New Orleans (CBS) will race against Chicago. The offense of the bears freezes in appearance of the red zone. Field goals won’t beat Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

The nightcap on Sunday shows Pittsburgh and Cleveland (NBC) for the third time. What is the name of the Browns quarterback? Baker Mayfield gets his big stage opportunity after a much-touted ad campaign for Progressive Insurance. I have to love Cleveland runner Nicholas Chubb-a-lub.

No running game in Pittsburgh could bring Baker a dozen wins this season. Cleveland rocks.

No matter. The teams in Green Bay and Kansas City are resting for a week.

Packers and Chiefs will win conference championships and meet for Super Bowl LV.

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