D3 Engineering mmWave radar sensor in automotive high quality integrates antenna array in 1-inch housing

D3 Engineering announced the DesignCore RS-6843AOPUA mmWave radar sensor, an AECQ-100 qualified 60GHz radar that includes a Texas Instruments C674x DSP, Arm Cortex-R4F MCU, radar accelerator and antenna array on the box integrated. The HF front end integrates a PLL, three transmitters, four receivers and a baseband ADC and enables the sensor to cover up to 4 GHz with a transmission power of 12 dBm and noise characteristics of better than 15 dB.

The 1 “x 1” x 1 “sensor is a production-oriented device with a heat-dissipating metal housing and mounting brackets. It can be tested and evaluated via a USB serial interface and used with a PC or embedded development platforms.

The sensor is available in two versions:

  • RS-6843AOPA – Has a header with additional functions and interfaces such as I2C, SPI, GPIO and UART for connection to optional baseboards or hosts.
  • RS-6843AOPUA – Uses a USB-C port as the primary interface providing power, as well as a serial UART for the console and another for processed radar returns or algorithmic output.

The sensors’ custom firmware ensures board support for the latest TI SDK. The DesignCore RS-6843AOPUA is available for pre-order now.

For more information, including specifications and drawings, download the data sheet or visit www.d3engineering.com.

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