Dubuque County Adopts Digital Radio System For Legislation Enforcement


DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) – Law enforcement in Dubuque County is migrating to a new digital radio system to increase coverage across the county.

The new system allows law enforcement and other agencies, including fire and rescue workers, to communicate effectively on the same network. District officials said the current system only reaches about 86% of the district due to the terrain. With the addition of more towers, the new system is expected to reach 96% of Dubuque County.

The county regulator approved a $ 10.3 million levy in 2017 to help pay for the new towers.

“To keep the public safety and emergency services safe and the safety of residents, this was a necessary expense,” said Joe Kennedy, Dubuque County’s sheriff.

Kennedy said the time to upgrade the system was almost inevitable and would increase public safety.

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