Dynamic real-time imaging of the tensile power of residing cells utilizing a piezo-phototronic gentle nano-antenna array


The dynamic mapping of the cell-generated force of cardiomyocytes will help enable an intrinsic understanding of the heart. However, dynamic and high-resolution mapping of the force distribution in a single living cell in real time remains a challenge. Here we have established a force mapping method based on a “light nano antenna” array using the piezo-phototronic effect. A spatial resolution of 800 nm and a temporal resolution of 333 ms were demonstrated for the force mapping. The dynamic mapping of the cell strength of living cardiomyocytes was derived directly by locating the antenna positions and quantifying the light intensities of the piezo-phototronic light nano-antenna array. This study presents a rapid and ultra-high resolution methodology for fundamentally studying cardiomyocyte behavior at the cell or subcellular level. It can provide valuable information on disease detection, drug screening, and tissue engineering for heart-related studies.

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