Edmonds would not have to offer in to AT&T in the case of “small cell” antennas


“In Edmonds, getting permission to use ‘small cells’ is becoming a big deal,” The Herald, Nov.

The councilors believe that under the law they have no choice. But the law is very clear that cell phone companies can only sue and force a city to allow 5G towers if there are currently significant gaps in coverage and there is no other less intrusive alternative.

There are currently no significant gaps in Edmonds cellular coverage. New antennas on each block will be very intrusive. In the event of supply gaps, an additional, conventional tower would be less of a nuisance.

Many cities are defying Big Wireless and refusing to allow any of these 5G towers. Cell phones work well enough the way things are. The crazy reason for this 5G technology is that people can watch movies and TV on their phones. 5G does not offer users any significant advantages. It’s a technology that got lost.

These 5G towers will result in a lot of people moving and a lot of people not choosing Edmonds as a place to live. The real estate values ​​are reduced.

We can only hope that the mayor will veto this treaty.

James Robert Deal


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