Elon Musk is turned down by French villagers as they refuse permission to put in antennas

Recently, residents of a small village in France objected to SpaceX owner Elon Musk, who is using their land to provide Earthlings with satellite internet. Saint-Senier-de-Beuvron asked Musk to keep the new antennas away from their land. This is because they fear the signals might cause harm to residents.

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Musk is committed to bringing fast internet to remote areas around the world. To do this, he has to install thousands of satellites and antennas on the ground to capture the signal. These signals are then sent back to each user port, which is connected by cables. The contractor had already received permission in France to install nine three meter high radomes to help protect the antennas. It was December when Saint-Senier issued a decree blocking all construction in the field.

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The installation of antennas has caused a lot of chaos among the villagers. Farmers fear that this would lead to less milk production from the cows. However, there are farmers who have started naming their cows after Musk and his company. One of them is SpaceX du Beuvron.

In another significant development, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said in a recent interview that he is not a “Mars person” and would rather invest his money in something that poses greater challenges for mankind. Speaking to New York Times opinion author Kara Swisher, Gates said that if he could buy vaccines to save lives on earth, he was not going to invest his money in space travel. Gates’ comment contrasts with the views of Musk, who has repeatedly expressed his desire to colonize Mars.

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However, Gates praised Musk for his contributions to fighting climate change through the manufacture of electric passenger cars. Gates said “Underestimating Elon Musk is not a good idea,” adding that with Tesla he made important contributions in the fight against climate change. Gates added that while Tesla was doing some important things, it wasn’t enough to tackle climate change, which would require other industries to concentrate as well.

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