EPD for relocating the radio system | information

Interim Police Chief Michael Moore spoke to the Water Works Board on Wednesday asking for the police department’s radio system to be relocated from the Rucker Boulevard tank to the Macedonia Church water tower to improve the signal for first responders across the city.


Interim Police Chief Michael Moore asked the Enterprise Water Works Board for permission to relocate the police department’s radio systems building at Wednesday’s meeting.

Moore said he wanted to move his system from the Rucker Boulevard fountain to the water tower at Macedonia Church because dead spots lead to communication errors.

Eugene Goolsby asked if there would be cables from the building to the tank, and Moore said there would be cables but it wouldn’t interfere with the water pipes.

“That was the best place we could get close to a power source, but not so close to the building that we couldn’t disturb anyone in the building and underground water pipes to and from the street,” said the boss. “Where it is, the wires that are in the ground don’t interfere with the water pipes or anything else.”

The transformers in the pump house will be the source of power and the communication cables will run up the tower, Moore said. He added that this would also provide a better communication signal for all first responders in the city.

Superintendent Alan Mahan reached out to Southern Industrial Elections, the company that does the electrical work in town, and they agreed that they would all work together on the best spot for the cable.

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