Feds attain an settlement with the producer of tv antennas for promising channels

The Federal Trade Commission announced that it has reached an agreement with Wellco, Inc. to violate FTC law by making misleading claims about their TV antennas and associated signal boosters.

The settlement was $ 31.82 million, but the verdict is on hold in exchange for a payment of $ 650,000.

According to the FTC, 800,000 Americans bought the antennas and 272,000 amplifiers. The devices were sold online under the names TV Scout, SkyLink and Tilt TV.

The FTC said the website claimed users could stop paying for cable or satellite TV subscriptions and still get their favorite channels, a significant portion of the channels received would be in HD, and they would get more of the most channels from any antenna in the market.

The FTC added that the company used misleading advertising, which made ads appear as legitimate news reports that used consumer endorsements.

“The company’s adverts for amplifiers – in English and Spanish – claimed that their antennas could give people even more channels, including premium or subscription channels like HBO and AMC, for free,” the FTC said.

The FTC made the following recommendation to buy television antennas:

  • Read the FCC’s tips on TV antennas and good reception.
  • Only trust news reports about a product if they come from a credible news source and on their own website or in their own news feed.
  • When looking at an online recommendation or review, think about where it was posted and what you know about who wrote it. Some endorsements and ratings are incorrect or misleading. They can be difficult to tell apart from the real ones, so it’s better to check multiple sources. Expert reviews from trusted websites are a great way to go.

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