Flagship pre- and energy amplifiers of the CH Precision 10 sequence obtainable

CH Precision has introduced the first of a new family of flagship products that stand above (and complement) the established 1-series.

The new 10 series from CH Precisions includes the L10 line preamplifier and the M10 power amplifier. This new product range was announced and previewed shortly before High End Munich in 2019.

While they are similar to the Swiss company’s 1 Series, if you look closely you will see a straight profile on the front instead of a curve. You also have a larger selection of surfaces available. For the first time you can opt for anodized champagne gold or anthracite as well as the standard blue-gray from CH Precision. However, we have been told that the real differences are under the hood of these two dual chassis units.

Although the 10 Series is based on CH Precision’s proven audio circuit and power supply topologies, we have been told that every aspect of its design has been vetted against the lessons learned from creating the 1 Series.

Apparently, like any newly routed circuit board, every component has been reevaluated and replaced for improved performance. In addition, the company has reviewed and updated its user-configurable options to make the 10 Series even better at system customization.

Perhaps more importantly, we know that all of these benefits are measurable. We have to expect a reduced noise floor and phase errors as well as a significant increase in headroom and dynamic response. In addition, the differences are clearly audible.

L10 Line preamplifier

The L10 retains the fully discrete, symmetrical and complementary design, the ultra-short signal paths and the highly regulated and filtered multi-stage power supplies, the large bandwidth, the high slew rate and the DC-coupled topology of the L1. It also retains the same sophisticated R-2R ladder volume control, sophisticated DC detection and cancellation circuitry, and software control.

CH Precision then shortened the signal paths and refined their routing to reduce induced noise and distortion. In addition, every single discrete component in the signal path has been reevaluated and updated wherever possible.

Then there is the external power supply. This is a special design specially designed and optimized for the L10, with increased regulation and massively increased capacity. The feedback topology can be selected by the user between local and global settings to suit musical preferences and system requirements.

Power amplifier M10

The twin chassis M10 is a user configurable mono / stereo power amplifier with 300 W / RMS in 8 ohm stereo, over 1 kW RMS in 8 ohm in bridged mono mode. There are also bi-amp and high current mono configurations.

The CH Precision M10 is based on fully balanced, fully differential and fully discrete topologies that have proven themselves in the 1 Series. However, this is complemented by an increased resolution of the user-settable global feedback in the M10 (0-100% in steps of 1%) and, for the first time, by a choice of local or global feedback in the L10.

It may look like a pair of monoblocks, but the M10 has been completely optimized and has separate power supplies to further boost performance – and actually boost the amplifier. There is also an improved mechanical grounding system.

The new 10 series amplifiers from CH Precision will be available in the first quarter of 2021. The prices are the same regardless of the selected design or combination of surfaces and are as follows:

  • L10 Dual Monaural Line Preamplifier – € 71,000 (two chassis)
  • L10 Mono Line Preamps – € 122,000 per pair (four chassis)
  • M10 Stereo Power Amplifier – € 91,000 (two chassis)
  • M10 Mono Power Amplifier – € 172,000 per pair (four chassis)

There is also a special trade-in offer for existing single customers.

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