France’s ANYWAVES provides antennas for the Pixxel satellite tv for pc

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France-based satellite antenna maker ANYWAVES announced on Tuesday that it would supply an S-band TT&C antenna for the microsatellite built by India’s Syzygy Space Technologies Pvt Ltd, commonly known as Pixxel.

According to ANYWAVES, the company received two flight models of its S-band TT&C antenna.

“They will equip a microsatellite that is expected to be launched by Pixxel in late 2021,” ANYWAVES said in a statement.

“These antennas are optimized for telemetry and telecommunication command of the platforms and have a space heritage. They are used to control the satellite, send instructions and ensure the platform is functioning properly,” the statement added.

The Pixxel satellites used for earth imaging are said to provide global coverage every 24 hours so that companies around the world can identify, monitor and predict global phenomena in near real time, ANYWAVES added.


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