Frisco Metropolis Council approves AT&T antennas in hopes of enhancing mobile service throughout the town

Frisco residents using AT&T will soon have improved cellular service thanks to the council’s unanimous approval of a lease signed between the company and the city.

At a meeting of Frisco City Council on Tuesday January 12, all seven city council members except Melissa Sherburne, who did not attend the meeting, approved the lease that will bring four additional cellular antennas into the city.

Two of the antennas will be placed in the public works building on School Road, Frisco, and the other two antennas will be placed in the Summit Fire & EMS station on South Eighth Avenue.

Council members approved the agreement on second reading with little discussion.

According to the council’s memo, the approval and verification process for the installation of the four antennas will be completed by mid-January. It then takes at least 18 months for the antennas to be fully installed and ready for use. AT&T provides the city with antennas free of charge.

The aim is for the antennas to improve the cellular service in Frisco, which residents have struggled with for years. The four antennas can perform 1,600 mobile actions simultaneously, including text messages, phone calls and streaming. This is expected to take some of the strain off the company’s macro tower on Dillon Dam Road.

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