GBT Tokenize develops new radio system for qTerm units Different OTC: GTCH


San Diego, November 9, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) (“GBT” or the “Company”) announced that GBT Tokenize (“GBT / Tokenize”) has launched a new version Development of radio systems for his qTerm device.

The new radio system should enable qTerm as a private, secure MESH radio communication network. GBT / Tokenize developed the technology for a radio-based network that can be used for IoT and mobile devices. A successful MESH network system was tested in 2019.

This new radio system is implemented as a communication circuit to enable direct communication between qTerm devices outside of the BLE radio system (Low Energy Bluetooth). The system should communicate over its own radio channel and create a MESH network between qTerm devices. It will operate within its own private, secured communication protocol.

GBT / Tokenize now checks the best radio frequencies to use from a range of 0.1 Hz to 20 MHz. The new circuit is designed to sample frequencies within a specified range to improve data security and signal reliability. In addition, the signals should be encrypted and work in the 2-way handshake protocol. The radio system is miniaturized to fit the size of the qTerm device. Another crucial aspect is the low power consumption to ensure a long battery life. The system is supposed to “sleep” most of the time, wake up according to an advanced algorithm, transmit its signals and return to “sleep”. The development will focus on efficient range, high security and low power consumption. GBT plans to integrate this new radio system into its qTerm in 2021 to enable additional future functions for the benefit of the user.

“We have extensive experience in the development of innovative radio technologies and have used them for tracking and IoT / mobile concepts. We have decided to test the implementation of this radio platform in qTerm devices in order to create a further level of advanced communication and to offer additional features in the future, “said Danny Rittman, GBT CTO. “We are now examining efficient frequencies for device communication and are faced with the challenge of low power consumption and long range. Another challenge will be the miniaturization of this radio system to fit into our qTerm device size. Since the system is designed for work and without GPS, we believe it can save lives by bypassing the BLE system, broadcasting radio-based emergency alert and location information. We have already built an Alpha version device to evaluate radio frequencies for performance and range. The design should continue until 2021. ”

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DR. Danny Rittman, CTO
GBT Technologies Inc.

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