Gogo makes use of Airspan’s huge MIMO antennas for the 5G air-to-ground community

Airspan Networks, which provides groundbreaking, breakthrough software and hardware for 5G networking solutions, recently announced that it is helping Gogo bring 5G technology to business aircraft.

Gogo Business Aviation (Gogo), the world’s largest provider of broadband connectivity services to the business aviation market, has reached several key milestones in building a nationwide 5G air-to-ground network (ATG) and a portfolio of 5G antennas develops software and other devices in connection with Airspan.

Gogo 5G uses Airspan’s massive MIMO antennas tightly integrated for use with Airspan’s OpenRANGE Air5G Sub-6 GHz Radio Unit (RU) macros and fully virtualized 5G OpenRANGE vCU and vDU software. The unique antenna solutions are robust and proven for harsh environments and offer a number of important functions.

Gogo’s latest additions and developments to its 5G ATG network include:

Installation of the first two 5G antennas from Airspan on a tower. With the antennas installed now, Gogo will perform prototype tests of system performance.

Completed coast-to-coast flight tests of Gogo of its belly-mounted 5G antennas to validate their performance; interoperability tests with Gogo SIM cards connected to the Gogo 5G core network

Eric Stonestrom, President and CEO, Airspan
We are working closely with Gogo to help them bring 5G technology to aviation. With aircraft flying at over 500 MPH and 35,000 to 40,000 feet, there are numerous challenges to providing reliable connectivity. We believe Airspan’s engineers are the best in the industry, which is why Gogo has selected Airspan as one of its key 5G partners.

Mike Syverson, SVP of Engineering at Gogo
The tests we carried out and successfully passed confirm what we modeled when we originally announced that we would be building a 5G network. There’s a lot of software development going on to put these pieces together and everything works very well as we continue to work closely with Airspan and our other technology partners to test and expand our nationwide ATG network.

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