Good House: Methods to discover the precise radio system

  1. Smart Home: How to find the right radio system

  2. Bluetooth: smartphone instead of control center

  3. DECT ULE: Telephone radio for the smart home

  4. WLAN: For lights and adapters

  5. Z-Wave: For cross-manufacturer systems

  6. Zigbee: Mesh network for lamps and more

  7. Conclusion

  8. Table of radio standards

The elimination of cables makes it easier to set up and expand many smart home systems. Instead of prying open walls, all you have to do is ensure adequate radio reception. So that the smart radiator thermostat or the smart lamp can contact the control center or another command device in the most remote corner of the house, you need to find the right radio technology or the right radio protocol for you. Because Bluetooth, DECT ULE, WLAN, Z-Wave and Zigbee differ in important points.

Therefore, before buying, you should not only plan which areas the smart home system will cover in the future, but also consider the underlying infrastructure. That is why we show the advantages and disadvantages of the five widely used wireless technologies and to what extent you can plug porous wireless networks.

A basic requirement for smooth operation in the smart home is reliable communication between components and command transmitters. If the color of the lamps is to be based on the temperature measured by the radiator thermostat, the information must reach its destination without any problems. It should also be ensured that all lights are actually switched off if you press the central on / off switch in the corresponding app immediately before leaving the house.

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