Gunman hangs shot useless on antenna mast, killed by police after stalemate in Jefferson County | WDVM25 & DCW50


JEFFERSON COUNTY, WVA (WDVM) – West Virginia State Police say a man was shot dead by police in the Fox Glen area of ​​Kearneysville Thursday night.

State Police said Earl Robert Caperton, 55, of Kearneysville, clutched an antenna mast outside an apartment building at 119 Jophurs Rd. And waved a gun. State Police said after communications with Caperton were ineffective, Caperton pointed the gun at the officers, who then shot Caperton.

Caperton fell from the antenna and was pronounced dead on the scene. It is unclear how many officers Caperton shot and how many times he was beaten.

State Police said the soldiers, along with officers from the Jefferson County Sheriff and Ranson City police, responded to a call about a man who shot a gun in the 119 Jophurs Rd area. Thursday around 3:50 p.m.

Jefferson County Sheriff Pete Dougherty says the Caperton has been in great emotional distress because of the bad medical news he recently received.

According to Jefferson County Sheriff Dougherty, Caperton shot multiple times, but not anyone, which did not cause injuries.

A negotiator was called in to try to appease Caperton but was unsuccessful, according to Sheriff Dougherty.

West Virginia State Police will conduct the investigation. The investigation is still ongoing and no further information is currently available.

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