Harxon declares the digital launch of the Sensible Antennas household

Harxon has just launched its TS112 family of intelligent antennas. These were developed for demanding applications such as autosteering systems for agricultural machines, which require solutions with high positioning accuracy. The newly released TS112 family incorporates the latest in GNSS positioning technology from Harxon and offers scalable positioning solutions with the increased availability, reliability and accuracy of GNSS.

The newly released TS 112 family includes three models, namely TS112 PRO, TS112 and TS112 SE. Each family model includes a 4×1 multifunction GNSS antenna with Harxon X-Survey technology, which integrates 4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in one compact unit. This high gain, wide beam width, multiple constellation GNSS antenna has multipoint feed technology that ensures high phase center stability and ultimate positioning accuracy at RTK centimeter level.

The TS112 SE, the most cost-effective of the three solutions, offers flexible positioning solutions via standalone positioning or dual frequency precision point positioning (PPP) with sub-meter to centimeter accuracy using the SAPA precision augmentation service. The comprehensive support and the L-band expansion service guarantee solid satellite tracking without signal failure, even in the field or under problematic environmental conditions. The SAPA precise expansion service is a reliable alternative economical positioning option with broad service coverage in an application environment with poor LTE network coverage.

Harxon TS112 Smart Antenna Family.

Applications with limited space

The TS112 integrates a high-precision GNSS module with a multiband GNSS receiver and the latest 4-in-1 multifunctional GNSS antenna from Harxon in a compact housing. It supports dual-frequency multi-constellations for consistent and robust satellite signal tracking, and provides RTK-level positioning accuracy for precise agricultural equipment and machine control. It offers a 4G and UHF radio modem for flexible correction transmission as well as wireless Bluetooth technology for easy connectivity on site.

The TS112 PRO uses Novatel’s future-proof OEM GNSS module and provides precise positioning and advanced interference mitigation for applications with limited space and challenging environments. By positioning at the centimeter level using TerraStar satellite correction services, Harxon’s TS 112 PRO ensures high-performance positioning that is available worldwide without the need for a network infrastructure. Harxon’s TS112 PRO also supports an NTRIP service. This means that in application environments where the use of a base station is not possible, the NTRIP differential corrections can be transmitted to a rover over 4G networks, allowing users to achieve the ultimate in positioning accuracy at the centimeter level.

Harxon’s Senior Product Manager during the introduction.

Terrain compensation algorithm

The TS112 PRO also features Novatel’s smooth positioning GLIDE, which provides superior pass-to-pass accuracy of up to 8 inches for applications where relative positioning is critical.

All models in the TS112 family support Harxon SLIDE technology to ensure smooth positioning and exceptional linear accuracy so that the guidance system can continue to guide in the event of satellite signal failure or difficult environments.

The newly released family also supports Harxon’s terrain compensation algorithm, which is used to correct for deviations caused by a vehicle’s roll and pitch movements when working on uneven ground or slopes. It is designed to help users increase operational efficiency and save on-site costs.

Last update: 01/20/2021

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