Huawei’s 5G collection merchandise prolong multi-antenna know-how to all bands and all eventualities

Huawei has launched a range of 5G products and solutions targeting “1 + N” 5G target networks. These innovation-charged products and solutions will help promote multi-antenna technology in all bands and in all scenarios to build leading 5G networks.

400 MHz ultra broadband 64T64R Massive MIMO

Huawei has brought together leading edge technologies and algorithms in ultra wideband radio and power amplifiers to bring the Massive MIMO product to market, which supports both 64T64R and 400 MHz bandwidth. This new product supports the entire C-band and enables operators to provide their multi-segment spectrum on just one module in order to reduce the number of devices.

In addition, this product offers a good balance between large bandwidth and high capacity, so that a module can be shared by several operators. This enables them to overcome the insufficient spectrum that can occur in single operator cases and greatly improves the user experience, while at the same time significantly reducing the floor space and power consumption of the antenna modules compared to separate installations.

64T64R Massive MIMO

Lightweight base stations make installation easier and take up less space to help reduce construction costs. Huawei’s 64T64R Massive MIMO product is the lightest of its kind, with a single module weighing just 19 kg. Continuous innovation in massive MIMO engineering allows Huawei’s new 64T products to be transported and installed with just one person, while at the same time performing and significantly improving construction efficiency.

BladeAAU Pro: 64T A + P solution

Huawei’s BladeAAU integrates active and passive antennas in a single box, making it the first choice for single-pole scenarios. It is the optimal approach to mastering space-constrained scenarios that have become a common headache for operators around the world.

BladeAAU has made it easier for operators in Switzerland to acquire new locations and quickly deploy 5G networks. By supporting a higher mounting height, BladeAAU has helped operators in China expand coverage and improve the 5G user experience. Through continuous innovation, Huawei has unveiled its latest BladeAAU Pro – the only one of its kind that is 64T capable while maintaining a high level of A + P integration.

The active module has been improved with 64 channels over the previous 32 and supports a transmit power of 320 W and a bandwidth of 200 MHz, which gives operators additional flexibility to achieve higher capacities. The passive module has also been improved with port specifications that have been further updated to 2L6H to allow full coverage below 3 GHz.

BladeRRU Pro: RF unit that supports three low and three medium bands

Efficient use of the fragmented sub-3 GHz spectrum has become a common challenge for global operators. In traditional RF solutions, one band corresponds to one module, which exacerbates insufficient antenna space, difficult location coverage, and high deployment and maintenance costs.

Huawei’s BladeRRU Pro is the first to integrate three low bands / three medium bands, reducing the number of FDD RRUs required for full band coverage by two thirds and making investments in multiband provisioning more efficient. The low frequency integration module has been used commercially in several countries.

Huawei offers a single-cell software solution for BladeRRU Pro to coordinate planning between low and medium bands, allowing more resources to serve low-band UEs at the cell edges. Commercial use of the solution in multiple locations has shown that SingleCell can almost double the average experience indicators for these UEs.

FDD Massive MIMO

Although Massive MIMO has already been successfully commercialized on TDD tapes to ensure a premium experience and high capacity on 5G networks, FDD Massive MIMO is struggling with the challenge of balancing device dimensions, weight and performance.

Therefore, to help operators with limited or no high TDD bandwidths and those facing tremendous pressure to increase capacity, Huawei has launched commercial FDD Massive MIMO products using innovative meta-material array design and ultra-miniature passive intermodulation (PIM) can be combined. free filter technology.

The FDD Massive MIMO device is less than 500mm wide, but has technical specifications that are comparable to those of the TDD Massive MIMO. Its cell capacity is five to six times higher than that of 4T4R while offering depth coverage performance similar to that of sub-1 GHz bands.

Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei Wireless Product Line, said, “With the introduction of this series, we aim to bring multi-antenna technology to all scenarios and bands. Several products within the solutions are unique and will help operators deploy 5G networks efficiently and provide first-class experiences. Huawei will work with global partners to innovate and share the benefits of 5G with everyone. “

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