Hunter spider “tries to eat” Canberra deep house antenna caught on surveillance digicam

A spider hunter appears on CCTV above a giant antenna in the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex. Photo: Richard Stephenson.

A spider hunter caused a stir after it appeared on a surveillance camera and loomed ominously over a space antenna in Tidbinbilla, outside Canberra.

Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex staff checked the surveillance cameras before stowing the giant 34-meter-wide space antenna when the arachnid appeared.

“It looked like an antenna was being tried to eat,” said operations manager Richard Stephenson.

The whole room gathered around the security screens to watch the eight-legged intruder.

“The spider looked like it was about to reach the highest point,” he said with a laugh.

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Mr Stephenson said the cameras often take fleeting shots of insects and birds staring at the lens, but the spider is “the one that made us laugh the most,” he said.

“This spider seems to have settled in front of the camera at the moment until it is forcibly removed.”

The DSS-35 antenna was put into operation in 2014 as part of the Deep Space Network, which supports communication for missions of international space agencies.

The spider offered a laugh to the staff on a miserable morning in Canberra.

Mr Stephenson said a maintenance team may have to remove it … with a very long broom.

“But today I don’t expect anyone to go out because it’s raining,” he said.

“So he’s safe for today.”

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