Intellian’s new v45C antenna is certified for the Intelsat FlexMaritime community – Digital Ship

Intellian has confirmed that its newly launched v45C antenna is qualified to operate on the Intelsat FlexMaritime network. By combining Intellian’s compact high-performance antenna with Intelsat’s FlexMaritime High Throughput Satellite (HTS) service, this approval will provide customers with global connectivity in the smallest package available to date.

Heretofore, service providers have required antennas of two feet or more to provide high throughput services because smaller units require higher performance. However, with the advent of HTS technology combined with innovative antenna design, the use of more compact antennas has become possible. The v45C is designed to bring VSAT into new markets where space is limited for communication devices such as work boats, pleasure boats, fishing boats, small merchant and government vessels.

Intelsat is among the first to use this feature and add a 45 cm category to their FlexMaritime HTS service. VSAT delivery to small antennas has traditionally been limited to localized regions in order to conserve energy. However, by using point beam technology, HTS satellites can overcome this limitation. By providing high performance services to small, tightly focused areas, frequencies across the satellite’s coverage area can be reused, supporting global service while reducing delivery costs. Intelsat goes one step further with FlexMaritime. Multiple satellites can overlay spots in the same area to further improve performance.

It is this ability to dynamically assign services as needed, along with Intellian’s advanced technology that enables a small antenna to provide connectivity and performance to the customer at a reasonable cost.

Shane Rossbacher, Director of Maritime Products at Intelsat, said: “We are excited to welcome the new Intellian v45C compact antenna to our Intelsat FlexMaritime service. This is an exciting time for customers who need a space and cost efficient VSAT solution. We are delighted that Intellian has developed an innovative product ideally suited to take full advantage of our new 18-inch service category. “

Together with last year’s globally successful v60E antenna, the v45C shares the technology developed for Intellian’s advanced NX series antennas. These have a size of 85 cm to 150 cm, with a single cable, coupling connection and easy commissioning and diagnosis via the integrated AptusNX antenna management software.

Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian Technologies, said, “We are excited to receive this qualification from Intelsat. The combination of our leading antenna design and Intelsat’s innovative FlexMaritime service provides a cost-effective VSAT service to customers who need a compact, high-speed, global connectivity solution. We expect this to open up new markets and look forward to working with customers to help them get the best possible results from the combination of HTS connectivity and Intellian products. “

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