Intellian’s progressive new v45C antenna brings VSAT to smaller vessels

Intellian’s innovative v45C antenna offers a compact VSAT solution for space-saving installations

From The Maritime Executive 02/16/2021 10:48:25 AM

Intellian is proud to introduce the v45C, the smallest antenna the company has developed to date for the marine satellite communications market. The C in the product name represents its compact form factor: this new 45cm unit will bring VSAT into new markets where space is limited for communication devices such as work boats, pleasure boats, fishing boats, small merchant and government vessels.

Intellian is committed to improving connectivity for everyone. Recent product launches have focused on improving user experience and functionality with smaller VSAT solutions. first with the 60 cm v60E antenna introduced last year and now with the v45C. The v60E was a global success in several markets. Significant installation volumes and continued growth show that small VSATs are a key area of ​​interest for both new and existing customers. The v45C expands the portfolio even further and opens up a new market for smaller ships that have not yet benefited from the data speeds and capacities provided by VSAT.

Both the v60E and the v45C use the advanced technology developed for the Intellian NX series antennas, which range in size from 85 cm to 150 cm. Installation is straightforward via a single-cable coupling connection, while commissioning is made easier by the integrated browser-based AptusNX antenna management and diagnostic software. This allows the installation program to follow a simple wizard to get the system up and running and enable both local and remote diagnostics.

Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian Technologies, said, “We are excited to introduce the new v45C antenna, which is an innovative and highly anticipated addition to our marine VSAT product portfolio. The v45C antenna provides compact, cost-effective connectivity for multiple customer segments, especially those who have not been able to install VSAT in the past due to space restrictions or performance constraints. We expect the v45C to enter new markets and look forward to working with new customers to help them take advantage of the many benefits of VSAT connectivity with Intellian products. “

Smaller antennas have been made possible by Intellian’s innovative design and the introduction of the new high-throughput satellite technology (HTS) by several network operators. HTS satellites use spot beam technology to provide smaller areas with focused, high-performance service. This enables the reuse of frequencies in the entire coverage area of ​​the satellite and reduces costs. For service providers, this means that a small antenna can provide connectivity and performance to the customer at a reasonable cost. Intellian is now leveraging these advances to transform connectivity for everyone with its innovation and reliability.

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