Intellians V45c antenna authorised for Intelsat

Intellian’s newly launched compact v45C antenna has been qualified to operate with the Intelsat FlexMaritime High Throughput Satellite Service (HTS), offering customers global connectivity in the smallest package available to date.

The satellite communications service provider Intelsat released the smaller antenna class for its FlexMaritime network on Wednesday. The service is aimed at recreational, fishing and commercial seagoing vessels worldwide.

In the past, because of the higher performance required by smaller units, service providers typically required antennas two feet or more to provide high throughput services. However, with the advent of HTS technology combined with an innovative design of smaller antennas, the use of more compact antennas became possible.

While the 18-inch antenna is lighter and smaller, performance has been increased to allow it to operate anywhere in the world, said Sam McKee, vice president and general manager, Intellian Technologies USA.

“Intellian chose this size because it offers just the right sweet spot to achieve exceptional RF performance. You can get a very good data stream that it can be used not only for small individual applications, but also by the crew as well can be good. ” McKee said.

In the video below, McKee explains the importance of getting Intellian’s new v45C approved for use on Intelsat’s FlexMaritime HTS service.

Along with the v60E antenna introduced last year, the v45C shares the technology developed for Intellian’s advanced NX series antennas. These have a size of 85 cm to 150 cm, with a single cable, coupling connection and easy commissioning and diagnosis via the integrated AptusNX antenna management software.

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